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Below is a link to an interesting article arguing that cyber insurance claims might be affected by the recent surge of working from home, and especially working from a personal computer/endpoint.
It opens up to a wider question as to whether or not the COVID-19 will have an impact on some (other) cyber insurance claims.

What we have seen from various online publications, specialised forums and discussions is a consensus towards the following answer: "probably not".

Taking into consideration what the above article is discussing, the answer is actually "probably not directly".
As companies/employees are setting up new ways of working, most of the time in a hurry, consideration of the potential impact on their cyber insurance is probably not at the top of their list.

One possible way to look at this problem is to consider the currently pandemic situation in the world as a "change" and as with any "changes" (in an organization), processes/procedures/policies/contracts/[..]/insurance covers should at least be reviewed.

We therefore recommend companies to do so and avoid potential disappointing surprises in the event of future cyber incidents:
Does you current cyber insurance covers any of the operational changes you have implemented because of the pandemic?

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