ElysiumSecurity provides hands on and practical expertise to help companies identify vulnerabilities, assess their risks and impact, remediate those risks, prepare and respond to incidents as well as raise security awareness through an organisation.


Providing Vulnerability Assessment as well as more advanced Penetration Testing and Red Team activities, from physical security to social engineering and cyber-attacks at both an infrastructure and application level.

ElysiumSecurity has also extensive experience in responsibly gathering, refining and analyzing Open Source Intelligence (OSI), to deliver concise and clear presentations of our findings and their implications. We have developed a methodology to generate a comprehensive OSI profile where we look at different environments related to an individual, categorise the information found, measure the associated risks and agregate the risk score results to produce an overall OSI summary and recommendations.

  • Relevant Certifications from the consultant:
  • SANS GXPN Certified: Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester;
  • SANS GAWPT Certified: Web Application Penetration Tester;
  • SANS GAWN Certified: Assessing and Auditing Wireless Networks;
  • Infrastructure: Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Red Team Scenarios;
  • Application: Web App (OWASP), Mobile App, Desktop App;
  • People: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Phishing Tests.

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    Helping identify and remediate what can negatively impact your ability to conduct business before, during and after an incident occurs.

  • Relevant Certifications from the consultant:
  • SANS GCFA Certified: Forensics Analyst;
  • SANS GDAT Certified: Purple Team Tactics & Kill Chain Defences;
  • Asset and criticality review;
  • Threat actors, attack vectors and attack surface assessment;
  • Threat Modelling (i.e.: STRIDE);
  • Risk containment strategy;
  • Incident Response planning and execution.

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    Assisting with the identification, creation and delivery of Cyber Security awareness and training programs relevant to your organization.

    The human element is often referred to as the weakest link when it comes to the Cyber Security Defences of an organisation. For employees to have the right appreciation and understanding of IT operational best practises, it is often the differentiation factor stopping, or not, a malware/ransomware bypass your defences and enter a corporate IT infrastructure.

  • Relevant Certification from the consultant: Mauritius MQA Trainer Certified
  • Awareness programs creation and delivery;
  • Training programs identification and delivery;
  • Staff awareness assessment;
  • Public speaking experience;
  • Lessons Learnt exercises.

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